Company Events

Company Picnic- June 2019


Company Picnic-- June 2018


August 21, 2017 Eclipse Party--Totality

Company Picnic 2017

Mount Juliet Christmas Parade 2016

Company Picnic 2016

June 2016

"We love our families"

Some of the faces of Grade A Construction

Fall 2016

Spring Employee Picnic

June 05, 2016

At Grade A we work hard and play harder.  As our tradition dictates this year's 2016 spring event was greatly anticipated by all staff with over 200 in attendance.

Annual Benefits Meeting (Group 1) & Training

April 19, 2016

Once a year Grade A Construction takes time to review employee benefit packages one on one to assure our team gets the most out of what we have to offer.  Grade A provides access to trained benefit specialists along side our Grade A Human Resource & Safety personnel.  Our employees are often on the front line and Grade A is committed to delivering competent personnel on all client sites.

Q1 Site Audit

February 19, 2016

Internal safety audits are routine at Grade A Construction.  Our scheduled internal audit procedures cover OSHA safety standards, safety equipment inspections, trench safety, equipment care & service inspections, site clean up & security, chemical containment and management documentation requirements just to name a few.

2015 Spirt of Excellence Award Winner - Jose Elvir

December 15, 2015

Grade A Construction honors one team member annually that demonstrates the core values for which our company represents.  Our 2015 honoree was Jose Elvir who exemplifies excellence both on and off the job.  We appreciate your service and dedication to your family, co-workers and our organization.


Rachelle Reigard, President

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