2020 offered Grade A Construction more unique opportunities for ways to give back to our community.  We are always looking for new ways to serve our community & with the natural disaster of the March tornado to the outbreak of the pandemic, Grade A was excited to volunteer in a variety of new ways.


2019 has opened with many new opportunities for Grade A Construction and its employees to be involved in community serve.  This year we have added more venues and services to our list of support.

Mount Juliet-Wilson County Library:

"Heavy Equipment Day-July 2019

Grade A Construction is continually looking for ways to give back to our community.  This summer we partnered with the Mount Juliet/Wilson County Library for a "Heavy Equipment Day".  Grade A Construction brought 3 pieces of construction equipment, so that children of all ages could touch, take pictures, and sit in the equipment.  This event for a huge success!  We plan to do this again.


2019 Dragon Boat Race

Grade A Construction strives to support their community in a variety of ways.  This year "Team: Earth Movers" competed in the 2019 Dragon Boat Race.  Grade A's participation in this race helps to support the Cumberland River Compact.  The Cumberland River Compact's mission is to clean up the Cumberland River as well as educate the local community on how our use of the environment can impact our waterways.  Our participation in this event allows Grade A to spread out our impact on our local community.

Mount Juliet Christian Academy:  Bleachers Transportation

Sometimes difficult tasks for one person are easy for another person.  Grade A Construction was given the opportunity to help Mount Juliet Christian Academy with a task that was difficult for them, but easy for us!  MJCA had bleachers that needed to be moved across town.  Grade A construction has the equipment to do such a task.  So we scheduled a "bleacher move", and helped a local school provide seats for their soccer games.  


Mount Juliet Senior Living & Rehabilitation Center

Grade A Construction was given the special opportunity, this year, to expand the outside activities for the Mount Juliet Senior Living & Rehabilitation Center.  Grade A Construction poured a concrete pad for the new pavilion!  The goal of this pavilion is to provide a place for the residence, with a variety of levels of mobility, to get outside garden, read, share a meal, and more.  We are proud to be part of this investment in the quality of life for our local seniors!


Mount Juliet Middle School

Grade A Construction  believes that education is extremely important to success.  Grade A Construction  was happy to support the Mount Juliet Middle School Drama department in their presentation of Peter Pan Jr.  We were able to sponsor the Saturday performance meal for over 100 actors/actresses/crew members.  The students, as well as the director, Ms. Groover, did an outstanding job on all aspects of the production.


Mount Juliet-Wilson County Library:  Book sponsorship

This year Grade A Construction was able to fill a need at their hometown library in Mount Juliet, TN.  The Mount Juliet-Wilson County Library serves a population of over 60,000 people.  In an effort to support our community, Grade A Construction made a monetary donation to the library so that they could buy more children's books.  Every child deserves the opportunity to read and Grade A Construction wants to encourage children to expand their knowledge through the enjoyment of reading.  

School Backpack Lunch Program

For 2019, Grade A Construction has continued to support one of Wilson County & Davidson County School's Backpack lunch program.  This program provides weekend lunches to 70 elementary school children.  Grade A Construction knows that education is very important, but in order to focus on learning a hungry belly needs to be fed.  By providing weekend food for these children, our hope is to give them tools to succeed in school.