Asphalt Paving

Grade A Construction's Asphalt Paving is yet another self-performed service we provide to assure our clients timeline stays on schedule.  We understand the importance of finishing a job on time and our Paving crews work hand in hand with our Grading crews to get you open on time.  Experience is the key to our business and our average of 15 years of experience minimize any issues we encounter.  Our GPS enabled equipment gives Grade A Construction the confidence necessary to build every detail per the specifications we are given.  Grade A Construction is not just your ordinary paving subcontractor.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • TDOT projects

  • Residential subdivisions

  • Patching & Road Repair

  • Commercial Projects

  • Educational Facilities

  • Warehouse Development

  • Healthcare Buildings & Expansions

  • Parking Lot Expansions