About Us

Grade A Construction, LLC. provides a full range of construction services.  We specialize in general contracting, construction management, utilities, site grading, large volume earthwork sites and TDOT roadwork projects within the Middle Tennessee Area.  Since 2013, our resume of completed projects has built a reputation of excellence and reliability with private developers, general contractors, municipalities, and various federal governmental agencies.


Our continued success has allowed Grade A Construction to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients while delivering exemplar service with each project performed.  While leveraging our team's deep talent pool we can provide the complex solutions our customers demand.  We are committed to adding value to our customer's bottom line by completing every project safely, on time, and on budget…EVERY TIME.

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Our Vision


To be the premier General Contractor in the Middle Tennessee area, built on faith in God, commitment to our customers, an engaged group of employees, and responsible community stewardship.

Our Mission Statement
We aim to build lasting foundations and strong partnerships, by walking faithfully and loving intentionally. 


Our Core Values


Safety is an integral part of our culture at Grade A Construction. A strong safety program is a major factor in our success, and it contributes to our competitive edge.



Grade A is committed to exceed our clients' expectations by establishing clear roles and responsibilities for quality assurance.


We consistently do what is in our client's best interest by following our company's values, methods and principles, based on mutual trust.



As testament to our commitment to become an industry leader, Grade A is continually improving our skills, resources and personnel to exceed our client's expectations.

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Company Profile


Grade A Construction, LLC. is a company with a full range of construction services. Grade A Construction specializes in general contracting, construction management, utilities, site grading and high volume earthwork.  Throughout our company's history, Grade A Construction has earned continued success by building working relationships with our clients and delivering exemplar service on each project.


Headquartered in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, Grade A Construction was founded by Rachelle L. Reigard as a women owned business entity (WBE).  The company has seen tremendous growth since its inception resulting in a solid foundation which has laid the ground work for a resounding success story over the years.  Experience continues to be the secret to our company's success.  We leverage our management team's 90+ years of combined industry experience to deliver on time, on budget results.  Every time.


Today, Grade A Construction has projects all throughout the middle Tennessee area; the company is separating itself from its competitors with both technology and personnel by leveraging the appropriate centers of influence within our middle Tennessee market.


The company's dedicated and highly-experienced team is committed to building for the future. Simply put, Grade A Construction makes it easier to attain our client's ultimate goal - to deliver projects quickly, efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner possible.