Grade A Construction values our partnerships across a variety of spectrums.  We partner with charities locally, nationally & abroad to show our support by giving back to others in need.  We understand we cannot help in every situation however, the donation of our time, prayers, and skills is often the most valuable.

2018 has provided Grade A team members with many opportunities to help others by donating their time, money and resources to assist those in need.  This year we had the opportunity to travel to Tawa, Kenya to assist in school reconstruction, pack Christmas gifts for Operation Christmas Child, pack weekend lunches for a local backpack lunch program for school children, support a mission trip to Cactus Texas, and partnered in the remodeling of the kitchen for RestStop Ministries, a non-profit organization that teaches women vocations & life skills to help them re-enter society after they have been rescued for sex-trafficing.


Over the past years, Grade A team members have worked with the Tawa, Kenya community to build an orphanage, a women's center, and  multiple school facilities.  Each visit has allowed team members to expand the local infrastructure, provide water collection tanks for many local families and much more.  Most of these efforts have occurred because the Grade A team members have used personal finances to fund their trip.  Grade A Construction committed to financially supporting a portion of "Team Africa-2018" and it was a huge success as the team was able to provide more water tanks to the local families as well as repair & paint a local school that had not been attended to since the 1950s.

Cactus, Texas Mission Trip-2018

Grade A Construction assisted in supporting a large group of high school students as they prepared for their mission trip to Cactus, Texas: an area of forgotten refugees from multiple regions all over the world.  


RestStop Ministries

Grade A Construction was given the opportunity to join with multiple partners in the remodeling of the kitchen  & office for RestStop Ministries, a non-profit organization that teaches women vocations & life skills to help them re-enter society after they have been rescued for sex-trafficing. 


Backpack Lunch Program

Each week, children from local elementary schools go home on the weekend with the possibility of not eating until they return to school on Monday.  Grade A Construction has partnered with other organizations to support the "Backpack Lunch Program".  This program purchases food, and weekly packs and delivers 2 lunches for each child to take home for the weekend. 


Building-1 Ministries

Grade A Construction has added Building-1 Ministries to their list of organizations to support.  One of the services Building-1 Ministries provides is a safe location for high schools to hang-out after the local football games.  


Operation Christmas Child

2018 gave Grade A Construction the opportunity to expand their community support by participating in "Operation Christmas Child".  This national program asks volunteers to pack shoeboxes full of gifts, so that they can hand these Christmas packages out to children that may otherwise not receive a Christmas gift.  These gifts are distributed worldwide.


Room in the Inn

Nashville's Room In the In was a great opportunity for Grade A to participate at a local level while involving volunteers of all ages.  Nashville's growing homeless population is in dire need of assistance throughout our cold winter months.  Grade A  staff was able to provide friendship, a warm bed, a hot meal and a blanket for each guest.